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 Our customers often call or email for asking some similar questions about our products "lanyard" when they are purchasing them. In order to save your precious time and help you to know more information about our products, we neaten a list of frequent questions for your reference. Welcome you to make a further enquiry if you have more questions:
 How to place an order
Once you browse our catalog, find exactly what you are looking for products, simply fill out our quote form Excel and the number of color options and sent back to us. We will send you a commercial invoice, and ask you for your shipping information to complete the order process.
Or would you want to customize the product, as long as you send us the drawings, we will send you a commercial invoice, and ask you for your shipping information to complete the order process.
Why do you call it “ Safety Lanyard”?
The safety lanyard is a kind of lanyard which is added a safety lock onto the general lanyard. The safety lock will be broken away when you pull it with strength. It can keep you safety without taking it off from your head.
What is the main material of the lanyard?
Nylon,Polyester, P.P, Cotton, Satin, etc.
What are the main accessories of the lanyards?
Buckle, Hook, Safety buckle, etc.
How product safety standards?
Commonly used materials for our products environmentally friendly materials.
Howkind ofpackaging?
Common packaging can also beasingle package, according to customer demand for packaging.
Whatis your minimum order requirement?
Order200 or more .
How longis my order?
It depends ontheorderof thesize andcomplexity.Pleaselet us knowthe number of projectsand code, so that wecan provide aproduction schedule. Generalsampleonly6 to 10 days, a singlelargestockof productsto be10 to 15 days.
Do you provide samples?
Yes, we can provide samples of most of the projects. If you need samples to DHL, UPS, FEDEX,and sosent, please notify the courier of your choice to our warehouse, we prepared samples.Samples may be always double the cost, may be a long time, under normal circumstances a week.
You have a stock of products?
 Sorry, we do not always reserve stock. If there is any inventory, we will notify you.
How much is shipping?
This will depend on the size of your shipment and delivery methods. When asked about the freight, we will provide the most benefits to you the fastest delivery.
Can you give your product warranty?
Yes, all of our products 100% guaranteed. If you or the quality of our services there is any dissatisfaction, please feel free to immediate feedback.
Can Ivisit your factory?
Of course, we are a factory in Shenzhen, China. If you are avolume buyer, and would like to visit our in-house products, please contact us booking.
Why do not you state on your website your prices?
 We are a small business to business companies sold to the end consumer. , Consider our clients' interests and privacy, we do not actually explain to our website our prices. The reason is that our customers do not want to show the cost to consumers. We hope you target price in the form submitted to us, because we really need to investigate our market, which helps us to optimize our customers' needs and provide them with new product information. It can also help us to confirm whether or not the investigation is a real business
How can I know my order is going on?
 Before shipment, we will inspect and test all products. Before delivery, the order of the detailed examination of the picture will be sent to the customer to confirm. As the computer display or photographic reasons, the photograph may differ slightly from product color.
Custom orders do you accept it?
Yes, all of the OEM orders welcome. If possible, please provide the original sample or detailed images, using different materials may be slightly different from the quantities, please contact us.
What is your payment?
We only accept payment T / T and Paypal. Usually we are paying 40%, 60% balance paid before shipment, we will pay the balance before making packing before shipment to the customer to confirm the picture, if payment less than $ 1,000 paid before the goods...

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